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The Sound of MusicWedding Photographer AustriaTina and Henrik

Wedding Photographer Austria
We had a great time with this amazing couple from Norway. They decided to say yes in Salzburg, city of love, and we got opportunity to make there memories last forever. Take a look!

From England to Sri LankaWedding Photographer Sri LankaAmelia and Lloyd

Wedding Photographer Sri Lanka
From the honking traffic in the chaotic cities, through the myriad of Hindu temples, to the palm-fringed beaches and breathtakingly beautiful national parks crawling with exotic animals, the diverse island of Sri Lanka is packed with variety. We were smitten by the sensuality of this tear-shaped island of terraced tea plantations, dense jungles, empty beaches, vine-co[...]

Pre-Wedding-Shooting HallstattWedding Photographer SingaporeLay Ling and Sho

Wedding Photographer Singapore
This week we are bringing you a beautiful love story, about couple from Singapore. This amazing two people decided to make their pre wedding shooting really special. We were a little bit afraid of rain that day so we started our shooting in Hallstatt. Layling looked really beautiful in her wedding gown and Sho was very elegant. The rain started to fall and Our couple [...]

Mercedes Benz-HochzeitsreportageWedding Photographer GermanySusanne and Julien

Wedding Photographer Germany
Hier möchte ich euch die wunderschöne Hochzeit von Susanne & Julien im Mercedes Benz Museum zeigen. Ein strahlendes Paar den ganzen Tag. Vielen Dank euch beiden das wir euch an einem eurer wichtigsten Tage begleiten durften. Wir wünschen euch von ganzem Herzen alles Glück dieser Erde!!