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When life throws you a surprise …. “Many girls dream of their wedding day. I do not know if it is because of the fairy tales they were told while growing up, or because of the beautiful white gowns, or because of the special feeling of love a girl feels when leaned onto the chest of the man she loves, all wrapped in his arms. Perhaps it is because of that moment when their eyes meet while she excitedly walks towards him, and her heart beats with such intensity that she feels that everyone around could hear the heart beats. “

Ana and Igor were born on the same day, August 22. At first glance, they seem to be a very ordinary (unusually) special couple, who did not need to have any signature, any paper, any stamp or any gift to be the proof of their belonging. Fourteen years of love, unity, and a little boy, Matej, who brought these two hearts even closer. Family. If the walls of our salon could talk, they would tell hundreds of different stories, because wedding all seem similar just at first glance – but the human stories are what sets them apart. The challenge. Perhaps the best way to describe the meeting with Igor would be that. Girls dream of a wedding day, and boys not so much.

Our boy, Igor, skipped the ceremony and fourteen years ago just jumped into marriage. Ana? She respected his decision. His love, his role of a father, and a partner meant more to her. This spring Igor swung the rails on the track of love and the wedding ceremony, and addressed us. Wow! Planning a secret wedding for a couple who has already been together for more than a decade! How to make something that is already so special even more special? To have the perennial bachelor married at last. In the place where the sun always shines, and the spring never ends. On a dreamy ring-shaped island full of legends. The Island of St. Irina, a protectress of couples. The legend says that she keeps them forever together. Santorini. Ana had no idea what was going on. As determined as he was, Igor skilfully planned the wedding in secret, with us, all the to the last detail. It was quite a job to harmonize Zagreb-Prijedor-Austria-Santorini.

Four states, two people, one wedding, two photographers (Sarah & Senad), and at least four excited heads of the Penelope team. “I’m taking you to a dinner tonight …so, wear something just a little more special” Igor announced that afternoon on the sunlit Santorini. Ana did not doubt for a moment what was coming. As he walked toward the far end of the terrace, form where the view stretched far into the distance of the blue sea, merging with the sky, she saw a white table in front of her, candlesticks, a bottle of champagne, red rose petals and a wedding bouquet, and finally a beautiful white wedding gown made from the finest Spanish lace (St. Patrick) that had been tailored exactly according to her measures, to feel comfortable in it. She did not hide her enthusiasm and took in every detail.

The original surprise reached its peak when Anna realized that her Igor – her life partner – has decided to throw a wedding for her, the one she has always dreamed of. They have been together since 2001, and ever since that year their song has been Libar by Gibonni … That song, and the one by Parni Valjak – Dodji, followed them down the isle during the wedding ceremony … one at the beginning and one at the end …

And us? We stood somewhere along the side, with huge smiles, and hearts as big as a house, because we knew that we were witnessing something special. We could rest now from all those sweet worry if everything would go well, wipe the sweat from our foreheads and say once again: It was worth it, in every detail, effort and commitment. The scene was divine. The two of them, the magical Santorini, the romantic decoration … and a bunch of positive vibrations and emotions. The only thing we did not take with us was the effect of the breeze that was playing with the canopy and Ana’s dress, … for it is the standard equipment on Santorini. Yet, the scene was magnificent.

Thank you Ana and Igor for entrusting us with this. It was wonderful to witness the moment when you confirmed your love once again. “Who marries here – never parts” – the Legend of Santorini claims. And we? We believe in that!

Author: Emina Prsic

Couple: Ana Koncar & Igor Bajić

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