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CappadociaKingdom of cavesTurkey

Kingdom of caves
Cappadocia, oh beautiful Cppadocia. We fell in love with this little city the moment we step in our Sultan cave suites. We arrived at the sunset, and the view from the terrace Was just amazing. The golden rays of the sun washed the fairy chimneys. Sunsets and the sunrises are the thing we liked the most about Cappadocia, or Göreme, the place where we stayed. We can sa[...]

BentotaFamily TripSri Lanka

Family Trip
We are family that loves to travel. Every new trip means also quality time for the three of us. When we decided to go to Sri Lanka, at first we were a little afraid because the trip is rather long. We researched all the details with the help of the best site of liveyouraloha.com, read a lot of blogs armed ourselves with patience and decided to go anyway. We can tell y[...]

MaspalomasCanary IslandsSpain

Canary Islands
We decided to spend our first vacation on Canary Islands. Since we decided to have our vacation in October, because the wedding season was at the end, we were thinking about some place with subtropical climate and the flight that is not to long because of our baby. The sun-drenched Canary Islands lie close to North Africa and have an exotic flavour of their own. Hundr[...]

IstanbulFirst Trip to IstanbulTurkey

First Trip to Istanbul
Istanbul! Die türkische Metropole stand schon lange auf unserer Liste der Orte, die wir unbedingt sehen wollten.Eine Stadt, die Hunger macht. Eine Stadt, die in Bewegung ist und die bewegt, wie derzeit kaum eine andere Europäische Metropole. Eine Stadt, die wir nicht das letzte Mal besucht haben. Versprochen! [...]